2024 - 2025 AUSKF Membership Drive

February 25, 2024

Dear Federation Representatives:

I hope that this message finds you well.

This letter is to inform you that we will be conducting the 2024 membership drive for the membership period 4/1/2024 – 3/31/2025, starting on March 15, 2024. As you are aware, AUSKF IT Committee migrated all membership data from our previous platform to a new membership management system platform, “Sport:80” last September. We hope that many of you have had the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with this new system.

Sport:80 (http://auskf.sport80.com/) is a leading vendor in the sports industry, offering enhanced privacy, data security, and additional benefits, including the auto-renewal system. Taking advantage of the auto-renewal protocol, members now have the convenience of enrolling for their 2024 membership before the scheduled start on March 15, 2024, thereby avoiding any lapse in membership going forward.

While we strongly encourage your federations to transition to the new online platform, we understand that some of you prefer to continue using the spreadsheet-based system. Those who use the spreadsheet-based submission should already be in contact with the AUSKF IT committee. AUSKF IT will directly provide updated instructions to you shortly. For federations using the default new system, please follow the instructions below.

Please note that we have revised the one-time, initial membership fee to $50 for the 2024 year and beyond.

It’s important to note that membership counts for the 2024 year will determine the number of ballots allocated to local federations for the election of new board members later this year. According to our by-laws, one vote per 50 members is allotted based on the membership counts as of April 30, 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the 2024 membership drive, please contact me (Keiko.Umemura@auskf.org) or Taro Ariga-sensei of the AUSKF IT Committee (Taro.Ariga@auskf.org).

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


Keiko Umemura

Treasurer, AUSKF

2024 Membership Registration

1. 2024 Membership fees:


Adult (18 years and over) $60

Children (17 years and under) $30

Full time students $30

One time Initiation Fee $50 (changed from the previous year)


New: Sport:80 will charge a processing fee per renewal, passed onto the membership. This is a change from the practice in previous years where the AUSKF paid processing fees for both AUSKF and federation membership fees. From this year onward, the processing fees are paid by the members. 

Age will be that as of the timing of registration. 

2.  2024 Membership Renewal Due Date: March 31, 2024  


Per AUSKF Policies and Procedures, annual membership is due March 31st each year. The annual AUSKF insurance count is based on these numbers. 

3. Online Registration Start Date (3/15/2024):

The 2024 membership period runs from 4/1/2024 through 3/31/2025 (not calendar year period), and we will initiate the online registrations for individual members on March 15, 2024. Federation representatives should have already set up their bank account routing via Stripe so that registration fees can automatically be collected via Sport:80. If you require any changes to this setup, contact Jarrod Hatakeyama-sensei (jarrod.hatakeyama@auskf.org) as soon as possible.  

We strongly recommend that members to utilize Sport:80’s auto-renewal membership function to avoid missing the registration deadline. 



4. Late Registration for 2024


If a person wishes to be registered after the deadline of 3/31/2024, you can use new Supplemental Registration Form (instructions are on this link at AUSKF Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration). Alternatively, you can let the individuals register online. We strongly encourage members to register as soon as possible before the deadline. Members will not be eligible for promotion and other regional events unless they are paid and registered. If your federation will hold a promotion test in April, we advise you to confirm the 2024 membership fee payment status of the test applicants when you receive the applications before the testing day. 

AUSKF 2024 Membership Registration Announcement Letter (PDF)

AUSKF 2024 Membership Registration Procedure - Sport:80

AUSKF 2024 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration (Procedure)

AUSKF 2024 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration (Spreadsheet)

AUSKF 2024 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration - Supplemental (Spreadsheet)