AUSKF Insurance Request Form


In March 2013, the following procedure for any AUSKF dojo requesting to receive an AUSKF Liability Insurance Certificate and/or Additional insured endorsement:

1. The requesting dojo shall contact their regional AUSKF Member Federation President or regional federation Designated Liability Insurance Representative, to request an AUSKF Liability Insurance Certificate for the dojo and practice location(s).

2. After verification by the AUSKF Member Federation President or Designated Liability Insurance Representative, that the requesting dojo has paid both the regional federation dues and the AUSKF dues in the year of the request; the regional federation President or regional federation Designated Liability Insurance Representative shall request, via e-mail, the previously mentioned documents.

NEW Certificate Insurance Request procedure (from July 1, 2021)

Request of insurance certificate will be done through our website. Please use the form found at the bottom of this page. (Any questions, please send email to

The following information is required for each request:

1) The Dojo or Club

a. “Official” Dojo/Club Name

b. “Official” Representative of Dojo/Club

c. Dojo/Club “mailing address” (may be the representative’s address, not necessarily the practice location)

2) The practice facility(s)

a. “Official” name of practice facility(s)

b. Address of facility(s)

3) Additional insured endorsement Form

IMPORTANT: You must ask your facility if they require an “Additional Insured endorsement form”. Particularly city owned facilities or educational institutions (municipal gyms, public schools, colleges, etc.)

a. Exact wording required by additional insured

b. (e.g: The board and directors or City Council shall be named, etc.)

c. Exact address of additional insured

Note: It generally takes 10 days to 2 weeks to complete this process. Please allow ample of amount of time for request.

Abuse and Molestation

The current policy does not cover “abuse and molestation”. Dojo/clubs should have coverage on their own.

Due Diligence (Things we need to do):

Insurance rates are based on membership dues paid. Individual members must have their AUSKF dues paid. Each covered member is required to be on an up-to-date dojo/club roster. New members should immediately be added to the club/dojo roster. Dojo/clubs should keep this roster available in the event that the insurance company requests it. Coverage will not apply to any individual not on the roster at the time of occurrence.

Dojo/clubs will also need to have the AUSKF waiver form completed by each member. It is the responsibility of each dojo/club to maintain this file in case of request by insurance company.

Dojo/club should be responsible and verify that any new member must be on their roster before they are allowed to practice at a facility. Dojo/clubs should also ensure that any guest kenshi or sensei has liability coverage via their affiliated dojo/club.

Each dojo/club should also ensure that their members have some form of health insurance. The medical insurance provided by the AUSKF insurance is NOT health insurance. It is an accidental injury benefit that only applies to kendo related injuries during a kendo activity (benefit is subject to approval).

It is the responsibility of the AUSKF regional federation must ensure that all the above items are kept current by their respected dojo/clubs.

AUSKF Insurance Committee