Officers & Board Members

The AUSKF consists of member kendo federations. These member federations are groups of dojo which have been historically organized by region, but are no longer necessarily organized by geographical location.

Each AUSKF member federation is given a number of representatives proportional to the AUSKF dues paying kendo population. These representatives elect a Board of Directors. The board of directors elects a set of officers of the AUSKF; then, the officers along with the board appoint individuals to the standing committees.

Joining the AUSKF

Members of the AUSKF are member federations. To join the AUSKF an individual must belong to one of the AUSKF member federations. Through these federations you will pay AUSKF membership dues which entitle you to the benefits of AUSKF membership. In addition, your federation gains representation at the general meetings in proportion to the number of people who it has placed on its AUSKF roster.



Shinobu Maeda

Executive Vice-President

Michio Kajitani

Vice-President for Education

Hayato Okawa

Vice-President for Promotion

Yuji Onitsuka

Vice-President for Competition

Brandon Harada


Norman Otani


Keiko Umemura


Seiji Mamiya

Iaido & Jodo Committee Chairperson

Michio Kajitani

Insurance Committee Chairperson

Seiji Mamiya

Information Technology Committee Chairperson

Taro Ariga

Youth Development Committee Chairperson

Danny Yang

Anti-Doping Committee Chairperson

Norman Otani


Douglas Imanishi

Henry Lee

Jarrod Hatakeyama

Katsuyuki Tamura

Kenneth Song

Mike Jao

Shuntaro Shinada


Chief Executive Advisor

Yoshiteru Tagawa

Senior Executive Advisor

Charlie Tanaka

Jeff Marsten