How do I join the AUSKF?

You join the AUSKF by joining a dojo in one of the AUSKF member federations. In addition to collecting any dojo fees, they will collect regional federation dues and AUSKF dues.

How do I find a dojo?

You can search for a dojo by checking our dojo listings. Please contact the dojo using the listed contact email or phone number to verify that the practice times and locations are correct before attempting to visit the dojo.

How do I find AUSKF event information?

You can read the AUSKF news blog for event postings. The postings are organized by date on the archives page. Also see the AUSKF calendar page.

What is my AUSKF ID number?

When you initially become an AUSKF member, you will be assigned a permanent AUSKF ID number. Starting in 2012, menjo (rank certificates) printed by AUSKF will also include AUSKF ID numbers.

If you have lost your AUSKF ID number, first ask the person in charge of membership at your dojo. If that fails, ask the person in charge of membership at your regional federation. Finally, you may direct an inquiry to the AUSKF treasurer. You may need to provide details such as date of birth, rank, rank date, dojo, federation, and date of last membership.

How do I advance in rank in kendo?

This is a question for your dojo instructors. Note that AUSKF conducts promotional examinations for the ranks of 5 dan and above. Member federations conduct examinations for 4 dan and below.

If you successfully pass promotional examination at your regional federation or at AUSKF, you will pay a menjo fee and receive a menjo (rank certificate) from AUSKF. You should keep this in a safe place as it is your proof of rank, enabling you to apply for promotional examination for higher ranks.

Dan Menjo

Kyu Menjo

How do I order a replacement menjo certificate?

Use the replacement request form, which must be signed by the president of your regional federation, and pay the fee listed on the form. After verification of your name and rank as recorded in the AUSKF database, a new menjo will be sent to you.

How do I update the information for my dojo in the dojo listings?

The head of your dojo (or official representative) should send the corrections to your regional federation president. They (or their designated representative) will then consolidate changes for all dojo in your regional federation and send an updated list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to the AUSKF webmaster as detailed in this procedure.

How do I start a dojo?

This is a question for your regional federation.

I'm a private vendor. Can you link to me?

It is AUSKF's policy not to provide links from our website to private vendors.

More questions?

Please direct your inquiry to info@auskf.org