Dear presidents of AUSKF member federations:

RE: Procedure to apply for Dan and Shogo in AJKF.

For those interested in testing in Japan for high rank (6, 7, and 8 dan in Kendo, Iaido, Jodo) and Shogo (Renshi, Kyoshi), please refer to the procedure listed below.

Deadline: AUSKF Promotion Department needs to receive applications, required Documents and payment ($100 payable to AUSKF as processing fee to test outside USA) 14 days before AUSKF deadline. AUSKF Deadline is listed on theyr website. For 2020, the link is below, but continue checking their website, as their information keeps updating frequently. Click here to apply.

Those testing for up to 5 dan in Japan, they are conducted by regional federations, and AUSKF will NOT be submitting application to them. Each applicant is responsible for finding out the schedule, location, date, application forms, submitting the application, fees, etc. However, applicants will still need to submit application to AUSKF Promotion using AUSKF forms and $100 processing fee to receive approval letter from AUSKF. Click here to apply.

Thank you,

Michio Kajitani


Note: federation signature is required, so check with your federation for its deadline and procedure