AUSKF 2021 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration [by Keiko Umemura]

AUSKF 2021 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration

Required Downloadable Forms:

AUSKF Membership 2021 Annual Form [XLS]

AUSKF Membership 2021 Supplemental Form [XLS]

AUSKF 2021 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration

For AUSKF membership registration, member federations have the choice of using the spreadsheet-based system or having their individual members use the online registration system ( For both methods, the annual membership drive deadline is 3/31/2021.

This page provides instructions for spreadsheet-based registration.

§ For the annual membership drive (for 2021 membership that runs from 4/1/2021 through 3/31/2022): see detailed Membership Drive Spreadsheet Registration notes below. Brief summary:

1. Create your federation's initial spreadsheet using 2020 membership

2. Add "4/1/2021" under "registration day" to register a member;

3. enter "Y" under "college student" to indicate full time student

4. Submit the completed password-protected spreadsheet by the annual membership drive deadline

§ To register members after the annual membership drive deadline, see supplemental registration notes below

If you have any questions, please email

2021 Membership Drive Spreadsheet Registration

Step 1: Download the 2021-AUSKF-Annual-Membership-Form.xlsx

Save the file with the name "FED-2021-AUSKF-Annual-Membership-Form.xlsx" where "FED" is the abbreviation for your federation.

Step 2: Add 2020 membership information to the "2020" tab

Populating the "2020" tab with data from the AUSKF database will promote consistency of data going into 2021. It could also simplify the process at all levels of your federation.

§ Using federation admin privileges on, download the membership export file for your federation

§ See “Downloading Membership Information” below for details.

§ Transfer data using Microsoft Excel (or compatible spreadsheet application)

§ Open the export file

§ Filter on "Registration Date" between 4/1/2020 and 3/31/2021 and sort by "Dojo". Additional sorting within a dojo could include by ID Number or name.

§ Open the annual form

§ Cut and paste data for members from the export file to the annual form. Since the column order is different in the two files, this will need to be done in several pieces.

If you would like AUSKF to create a spreadsheet with your federation's 2020 data, please email

Step 3: Add 2021 membership data to the "2021" tab

Here are the instructions for entering your federation's registration for 2021.

§ Enter your membership data in the "2021" tab

§ For returning 2020 members as well as new members, enter ID Number, Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Federation, and Dojo

§ leave the ID Number blank for a new member who has never received an ID Number in the past

§ Enter "4/1/2021" under "Registration Day" (column B) to register the member

§ Enter "Y" under "college student" (column G) to indicate the member is 18 & over and a full-time student

§ Do not try to alter the auto fill section (highlighted in orange). Its formulas automatically calculate the fee for each member. The spreadsheet is protected to keep the auto fill section intact. If you are pasting from another sheet, you will need to do it in two pieces, for the columns to the left and right of the auto fill section.

§ If a member does not have an ID number (column C is blank), auto fill will add the $10 initiation fee

§ Special notes:

§ Highlight a cell green to indicate a request to change the AUSKF database, for example a new last name or a dojo change within your federation. (Note: If someone has moved out of your federation, DO NOT provide information about that person in the "2021" tab.)

§ Rank information is not included in this form, since it is handled by a different process.

§ Compare your spreadsheet entries against your "2020" tab and correct data as necessary, for example name spelling, date of birth, gender, etc.

§ It is especially important that the dojo name matches the official spelling and punctuation already established in the AUSKF membership database; otherwise a new dojo will be created.

Step 4: Submit the completed spreadsheet on or before the annual membership drive deadline

§ Password-protect your spreadsheet using the same password as in 2020

§ Upload the file to your federation's DropBox folder

§ Email that the spreadsheet is ready

§ Mail your membership check to Keiko Umemura, the AUSKF treasurer (who is automatically copied on emails sent to

§ Mail one federation check made payable to All United States Kendo Federation

§ For detailed information see the “AUSKF 2021 Registration Procedure".

2021 Supplemental Registration

For 2021 membership registration after the deadline of 4/1/2021:

§ Use the “2021 AUSKF Supplemental Membership Form” (2021-AUSKF-Supplemental-Membership-Form.xlsx) and follow the instructions in step 3 and step 4 above, except

§ In the "Registration Date" column, instead of "4/1/2021", use the date of your supplemental registration submission, for example "7/15/2021" for registration submitted July 15th, 2021.

§ Rename the file to "fed_yyyymmdd_supplemental.xlsx", where "fed" is the abbreviation for your federation and "yyyymmdd" is the submission date, for example "20210715"

§ Membership registration files will be imported into the online database between the 7th and 15th of the month following submission, provided the membership fees have been received by AUSKF.

Alternatively, you can let individuals register online at after completing your federation as explained in AUSKF 2021 Membership Registration Procedure [by Keiko Umemura] .

Downloading Membership Information

The instructions below assume familiarity with using admin privileges in the online membership database at

§ Using federation admin privileges, download the membership export file for your federation

§ Open the Admin menu

§ Choose "Federation List" from the "Federation admin" drop-down

§ Click on your federation name

§ Click on "Membership Export File" at the top of the page

§ Save the export file

§ The export file may then be used to populate your "2020" annual spreadsheet tab (, to look up AUSKF ID numbers assigned to your members, to check your menjo printing request before submitting it to AUSKF, or other usage.

§ Note: The export file includes data for past and present members of your federation. To view only those who are registered in 2021, sort according to the "Registration Date" column, which reflects the date each person registered for 2021 membership.

You may also use admin privileges to spot check information for individual members (users), edit or check dojo information (dojos), etc. See the pop down pages for more information.