AUSKF 2023 Membership Registration Procedure 


 AUSKF 2023 Membership Registration Procedure




Dear Federation Representatives:


The 2023 membership period is 4/1/2023 through 3/31/2024. For the 2023 membership registration, member federations have the choice of using the spreadsheet-based system or online registration system. If your federation hasn't signed up the online registration system, you may consider either transitioning completely to the online system or adopting a hybrid system that allows some members to register online individually while other members can be registered in the traditional system. AUSKF will be moving to a new membership management platform later this year, and please discuss with AUSK IT Committee if your federation considers to start the new online registration system.  The transition of the platform will not start until after the 2023 membership drive period.  


The federations that have been using the online registration, the products you created for 2022 membership will still apply unless you set an expiration date or changed their active flag. If your federation needs to change the membership fees for 2023 year, please change the products manually or contact AUSKF admin (


Although the current online registration system will be changed to a new platform, if your federation chooses to start the online registration from this year, please contact Keiko Umemura ( to make an arrangement of the online registration as soon as possible. Here is the instruction you need to follow.


1. Set up your bank account to accept payment from Stripe. There is a form in the admin that allows you to do this, however, the Stripe API is causing problems and won't allow the completion of this process. Due to this issue either Keiko Umemura or AUSKF IT committee lead by Taro Ariga-sensei ( will have to get the necessary information from you to complete the process through Stripes website. The information should be communicated to Keiko Umemura via telephone at a mutually convenient time. They will need the following for the bank account holder: Name (first, middle, and last), birthdate, SSN, phone number, email, address (street, city, state, and zip), bank name, account number, routing number, and federal employer identification number (FEIN). Along with that information you must provide a photo copy of a passport or a picture of your driver's license (both front and back).

2. Provide your federation's waiver text in the admin. Go to the detail page of your federation to do this.

3. Set up products in the admin for membership (different products for different ages and membership types). Note, there is help sections in the admin for this and other features. The product price must be for both the AUSKF portion of the payment and your federation's payment. Just to be safe, do not set the products as "active" until it is reviewed by Keiko Umemura or AUSKF admin.


4. Utilize the dojo merge feature and user merge feature. There are still some duplicate records that were imported from the old database. Cleaning up these duplicates before your members create a login would be a good idea.

5. Review and edit the generic waiver and release form as some states require more explicit language or other forms for legal purposes.


For online registration questions, please email and contact Keiko Umemura or AUSKF admin (


In case your federation still chooses to do the old way, you must follow the strict guideline for spreadsheet formatting. The detailed instructions are provided AUSKF 2023 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration.pdf. In the past, files of vastly different qualities have been submitted, causing multiple problems (time-consuming cleaning efforts and inaccuracies). Please kindly follow the instruction to minimize such problems.


Registration Process


Below is a summary of information about the registration process.


1. Online Registration Start Date (3/15/2023): The 2023 membership runs from 4/1/2023 through 3/31/2024, and we will roll out the online registrations for individual members on March 15, 2023. This means that the federation representatives need to talk with Keiko Umemura to set up their bank account and fee schedules BEFORE the roll-out. Please note that the 2022 registration will be closed as of 3/14/2023. If an individual wants to register for the remaining week of the last year's membership, please consult with Keiko Umemura (


2. 2023 Membership fees:

▪ Adult (18 years and over) $60

▪ Children (17 years and under) $30

▪ Full time students $30

▪ One time Initiation Fee $10


Age will be that as of the timing of registration.


3. 2022 Membership Renewal Due Date: March 31, 2023: Per AUSKF Policies and Procedures, annual membership is due March 31st each year. The annual AUSKF insurance count is based on these numbers.


4. Payment Address (for collective checks): If your federation decides to register collectively via spreadsheet, refer to the AUSKF 2023 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration for how to submit your file, email (cc: and obtain the mailing address for the payment.


5. One Check Policy (collective registrations only): Please make checks payable to All United States Kendo Federation (or AUSKF). Please make sure that your federation collects all fees from individual dojos and submits one federation check. AUSKF will not accept checks from individuals or dojos


6. Late Registration for 2023: If a person wishes to be registered after the deadline of 3/31/2023, you can use new Supplemental Registration Form (instructions are on this link at AUSKF 2023 Spreadsheet-Based Membership Registration). Alternatively, you can let the individuals register online. We strongly encourage members to register as soon as possible before the deadline. Members will not be eligible for promotion and other regional events unless they are paid and registered.


Keiko Umemura

Treasurer of AUSKF